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ADS has a mobile testing unit which arrives at your work-site at a time convenient to your workplace operations. Our vehicle adheres to all necessary WHS requirements for your work-site.

Our vehicles adhere to all necessary WHS law, which requires all businesses to provide a safe and healthy work environment for their staff and visitors.

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Onsite Testing

Onsite Testing

ADS has mobile testing units which arrive at your worksite at a time that is convenient to your workplace operations.

Our vehicles adhere to all necessary WHS requirements.  Our team efficiently conducts all testing and documentation with minimum disruption to your daily operations.

On completion, you receive a detailed report of all drug and alcohol testing results.

At your request, we forward any screenings that trigger a ‘Non Negative’ result to an accredited laboratory for confirmation under Australian Standard 4308.
Our Services

Onsite Testing
Office Testing
Information Sessions
Fit for Work Program

ADS can provide a free consultation out of which a proposal may be

drawn up that’s relevant to your company’s unique needs.
Consultation meetings with WHS and unions on company premises for issues concerning implementation of programs .
Consultation for the Rail Industry.
Office Testing

Office Testing
ADS Head is office available to conduct all testing that you require off site, such as :

Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing
Pre- induction drug and alcohol testing
Employees going interstate to work
Return to work testing
Fit for work testing
Post incident testing
Personal testing.
Awareness Sessions

Educational Programs

You can access a broad range of educational programs through ADS:

Duty of care for companies and their employees
Implementation of a program
Policy and procedures applicable to your industry and workplace
Videos on drugs including driving under the influence, marijuana and psychosis
Information on drugs and alcohol, their effects and implications in the workplace
Detailed testing procedures
Summary and questions.

Fit for Work Program

Fit for Work Program

A well-constructed Fit for Work program is essential in today’s workplace to minimise the risk of drug and alcohol related injuries. It also enables organisations to comply with OHS law, which requires all businesses to provide a safe and healthy work environment for their staff and visitors.
Nationally Recognised Training

Recognised Training Programs

Our recognised training programs are conducted by TAFE accredited Cert IV trainers.

Level I ‘Fit for Work’ as sessment and alcohol testing.

Level II ‘Fit for Work’ as sessment alcohol and drug testing.

Testing Officers Training for Rail Industry.

ITSR approved.

This training is ITSR approved.
TO: full day course (7 hours) for anyone with no prior training. Topics: all the regulations under the Rail Safety (Drug and Alcohol Testing) Regulation 2008; practical training in Drug and Alcohol testing for the rail industry; Fitness for Work Assessment. Maximum 6 people per session.
Ongoing Maintance Program

Once you’ve achieved your alcohol and other drugs free environment it’s essential to maintain it. We make it easy for you to do this through our ongoing maintenance program. Our systems
enable you to sustain a safe work environment for all with regular

We also recommend annual baseline testing and refresher awareness sessions to keep all staff up to date and educated.


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The use of alcohol and other drugs becomes an occupational safety and health issue if a person’s ability to exercise judgment, coordination, motor control, concentration and alertness is affected at the workplace, leading to an increased risk of injury or illness.

Synthetic Cannabinoids Testing

Synthetic Cannabinoids is a psychoactive herbal and chemical product that, when consumed, mimics the effects of cannabis. It is best known by the brand names Kronic, K2 and Spice, but all refer to synthetic cannabinoids, or synthetic cannabis products.

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